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Still from Artist Profile, DACs  -   Artthings , Director David Bickerstaff, Producer Mark Waugh

Still from Artist Profile, DACs  -  Artthings, Director David Bickerstaff, Producer Mark Waugh

Edith Marie Pasquier engages with notions of presence, perception and encounter in relation to contemporary philosophy and photography. By working with the material and performative tools of photography – encounter with subject, focus plane and printing processes - her work takes us to experiments in writing, sound, film, object, performance and the still image.   

Pasquier often employs in extreme tones 'differential focus', to probe the conceptual, physical and spacial dimension of the photograph, inviting the viewer to experience the surfaces, meanings and the layers within an image.  An exploratory investigative approach inspired by the early exponents of photography such as PH Emerson and Karl Blossfeldt and more recently to thinkers and writers such as the Finnish architect, Juhani Pallasmaa and French philosophers, Jean Christophe Bailly and Gaston Bachelard.

Turning to the animal and bird as a figure to explore philosophical, cognitive and literary ideas of the image, she draws on writings that state it is the animal and bird that deepens our reflection to what is felt but unseen, as it is they who return our gaze. 

Pasquier argues that the poetic image holds the potential to be the political image - the variants of the poetic are dissected through a series of experiments, dialogues, studies, conundrums, descriptions and gestures.

Represented by Tristan Hoare Gallery www.tristanhoaregallery.co.uk

Contact at:  info@edithmariepasquier.com