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Studies III: On Stillness...

Consider the birds: on stillness

22 C Type Hand Prints: Varying Sizes, 50 to 100 cm  2010 -  2013 Installation: in a dark room or chamber.

The work asks whether a true dialogue is possible and the conversation in this instance was with 22 wild birds.  The layers of affect, performance, language, silence, sound, fascination and fear, suggests communication begins when dialogue end.  

Over three years of watching, looking and meeting wild migrating birds at dawn, a dialogue deepened to the point of exhaustion, affected by season, the individual bird, its age, sex or non-sex.  

Caught between tension and tautness, rest appeared elusive and the dialogue was unwittingly historicized, etched out of the darkness, into a trope of a Hammershoi interior study. With backs turned, eyes downcast and intimate bodies, the foundation of intent dissolved into darkness and silence.