Experiment: Ash Figures

Ash Figures, 2014 - 2016

Unique bronze cast of 7 wild birds, nest, wolf and brown hare

Ash Figures reflects on the presence of photographs and how we turn to the image, to make sense of our encounter with the everyday, a presence which does not begin when we decide it should, or end when we command it to, as it develops with us and in response to us.  

The auric and nebulous moment of the live performance becomes akin to the development of a self-developing image on sensitized paper, where after a certain time, the landscape or figures gradually develop themselves on the surface of the paper or plate.  As the images fade, these faded images are 'revived' by re-exposing them to the chemical environment in which they were developed and when they reappear contain new details.

Ash Figures is a collaboration and performance with Double Bassist, Josefin Landmer from Norrlandsoperan.  The work is realised with the artist Trygvve Lundberg.