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Still from Artist Profile, DACs  -   Artthings , Director David Bickerstaff, Producer Mark Waugh

Still from Artist Profile, DACs  -  Artthings, Director David Bickerstaff, Producer Mark Waugh

Edith Marie Pasquier's practice suggests that the poetic image holds the potential to be the political image. She endeavours to question presuppositions held of speaking and seeing, of who is 'speaking' and who is 'seeing' and what is the relation of others to this exchange. Increasingly, her work is composed of a series of tensions, mobile and immobile that hover within the image. 

Pasquier wills the photographic image to evoke a sensory, vital quality, open to readings, that neither sentimentalise nor mythologize its pensive potential. The figure of the animal/ bird is present in her work as it is they who can return our gaze, and so deepen our reflection to what is felt but unseen. In turning to the early innovators in photography, she visits what the philosopher Michel Foucault called the 19th century, a period in which 'compulsive' visibility began to play a dominant role in Western society. 

Using the material and performative tools of photography – encounter with subject, focus plane and printing processes - her dialogue with the image takes us to experiments within the still image, writing, sound, film, object and performance.  




Represented by Tristan Hoare Gallery www.tristanhoaregallery.co.uk

Contact at:  info@edithmariepasquier.com